A Website's Preface
With my different projects, I've been applying for a various number of web awards during the past few years. A lot of them I received; they all were signs of esteem from those webmasters regarding to my projects, and huge compliments for myself that I always appreciated very much. In all these years, however, it were just my webpages that received acknowledgement, recognition and even praise - while I had quite less to do beside applying for the award master's valuable web treasures. Thus, I was never really able to return something adequate for all the time and efforts those webmasters took in order to follow my applications and therefore the invitation on my websites.
With the year 2004 to begin, I decided to switch the "roles" a little bit. I won't apply anymore for web awards with my projects in an active manner. Instead of this, I established the project "El Fabi's Choice", which I founded as a dedication to all those webmasters who found my websites and works worthy to acknowledge in the past years. Within this project, I intend to present and portray all those selected and in a certain way extraordinary web award programs I encounter with in the deep space of the World Wide Web, and for which I might have applied for previously. My goal will be to pay my reference and my high regards to those awards - and even more to their award masters; as they might have been doing after visiting and judging my projects if I had applied for their award.
My intentions are to return something for all those to which I have to be grateful. Those, who made sure by their efforts and time that I now can look back at a remarkable collection of high regards for my websites; given by many different award masters, acknowlegements and honours by so many different individuals. And it is also dedicated to those who share my interest in the sometimes weird but nevertheless nice pastime of "web awarding".

Jaganaud. Edinburgh, January 1st, 2004
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